The promotion of international projects in education is a focus of Charity -Event e.V. represents. Every suggestion would be check by an individual examination scheme. So we are very happe about new proposals form individuals, institutions or associations. Let’s just get this filled out the questionnaire below. Than we will connect you as soon as possible.


    1. General Information:

    a) Name of the Project:

    b) Name of the contact person:

    c) E-mail:

    d) Phone Number:

    2. Project:

    a) Does the project pursue educational aims?

    b) Is the project sustainable? Will it continue autonomously in case persons concerned leave the country/the project?

    c) Are the locals involved in the project? Have they been able to particiipate in the decision making- prozess?

    d) What percentage of the donated money is used solely for the project and what percentage is used for other costs such as administration, money transfer, etc.?

    e) What would be concretely implemented with the support of charity-event?

    f) What is the capital requirement?

    3. Involvement of the persons concerned

    a) Are the persons concerned personally involved in the local implementation of the project?

    b)Is there a contact person on the ground who is attainable at any time?

    c)Is there also a contact person in Germany (not necessarily needed, but helpful)?

    d)Is the duration of stay of the persons concerned long enough to complete the project?

    e)If not, is there someone else on-site who is able to complete the project properly?

    4. Project Implementation

    a)Does the project follow a structured process, which is defined beforehand (rough estimation of the length of implementation)?

    b)Does Charity Event e.V. get access to all cost factors?

    c)Will the contact person continually provide information and photos of the progress?

    5. Files, Presentations or other Data sets.

    Is there any file, a presentation or other data sets about the project? If and when it is, please load them up here:


    Enter the code: